How To Get Through NDA Exam At The First Attempt?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the National Defence Academy (NDA) Exam in the months of April as well as September every year. The exam is conducted for recruiting Air Force, Indian Naval Academy, and Indian Army at the 10+2 level. Candidates can crack the NDA exam with proper NDA coaching from a reputed institute.

NDA Exam Pattern

The total duration of the exam is 5 hours taking into account both the sections. All the candidates who pass the written exam take the NDA SSB interview that goes for 4 to 5 days. The NDA exam is conducted offline and the questions are MCQ type. The examination is held in Hindi and English languages. The NDA examination comprises of two sections:

Paper 1: Mathematics (120 questions; 300 marks; 2 hours 30 min duration)

Paper 2: General Ability Test (150 questions; 600 marks; 2 hours 30 min duration). Out of the 150 questions, 50 questions and 100 from G.K.

There is provision for negative marking in the NDA exam. The candidates would be awarded about 4 marks for a correct answer and 1.33 marks for a negative answer. The questions for NDA exam are the multiple-choice type.

Tips for Cracking the NDA Exam at the First Attempt

Tips Related to the Subjects:

Mathematics: The candidates must have basic knowledge about various topics such as Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra, Statistics, etc. By taking admission in a reputed centre for NDA coaching in Delhi the candidates can learn the tricks of solving problems fast. The Mathematics section is tricky as the questions are asked in the analytical form. Thus learning the tricks for solving this problem is a must.

English: To crack the English section, the candidates must have good command over the basics of grammar and comprehend passages. Candidates can read the newspaper daily for improving their vocabulary. Students can also maintain a diary and learn new words every day.

How To Get Through NDA Exam At The First Attempt?
How To Get Through NDA Exam At The First Attempt?

General Knowledge: The general knowledge section covers topics from various subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Current Affairs, History, General Science, etc. The students can buy NCERT books to acquire knowledge in History, Politics, and Science. The online ‘current affairs’ capsules are good for acquiring exhaustive general knowledge in an effective way.

Other Tips

Practise: The students must buy or collect the old question papers and then solve them within time. Effective time management is necessary to pass the NDA exam. The candidates have to attempt 120 maths questions in 2 hours 30 minutes. This is only possible with a lot of practise.

Solve Question Papers: Solving enough question papers would help you in assessing your strong and weak areas. Solving paper would also help you get acquainted with your examination pattern.

Mock Tests: The aspirants must take mock tests to assess their level of preparation. Good NDA coaching centres conduct mock tests weekly for every subject.

Avoid Last Minute Preparation: Preparing well in advance is the key to success. To have knowledge of current affairs you must solve the test papers and questions of the previous years. You must read the newspaper regularly. Cramming in information at the last minute does not help. You must follow the four stages of preparation that includes concept building, practice, taking tests and revision.

Effective Time Management: Judicious time management is imperative for cracking competitive exams.

One at a Time: Preparing for too many competitive exams at a time is a bad idea. It diverts the concentration of the students as all competitive exams are not the same. Some are analytical whereas others are concept-based. The structures of all the competitive exams are different. Hence for the best result, the students should focus on one exam at a time.

NDA Written Exam Guides: Solving the question papers help but to answer new questions that come in the examinations you need to go through the NDA written exam guides which are customized for the NDA aspirants.

Avoid Too Many Resources: When you are preparing for a competitive exam, you need to be familiar with the exam pattern and follow its guidelines. NDA coaching in Delhi can help you crack the exam by suggesting you the right study material, taking frequent mock tests and teaching you the tricks of solving problems fast. This should be sufficient for your NDA preparation. It is better to avoid consulting multiple resources for preparing for the exam. This would only create confusion and build more stress.

Revision Is Important: For getting through a competitive exam even a good NDA coaching would not be helpful if the candidates do not give enough time for revising each and every subject. This is especially required during the final stage of preparation. There is no substitute for hard work. Revising and re-revising is an essential part of good NDA exam preparation.

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