Procedures of Teaching Grammar For Newly Appointed Teachers

Any newly appointed grammar teacher will at first struggle to explain a topic in details and in a way which will help her students to fully understand what is being said of. However, there are many steps and procedures to overcome this problem which can be found in a course in teaching grammar, in details. Let us now see what the procedures of teaching grammar are for the newly appointed teachers.

Teaching Theory

In grammar, there is a lot of theory here and there and much of it is contradictory. Though it can be a tedious task to teach the theory to your students, it is also a fact that it somewhat depends on the learners too. The students vary greatly in their response to the teaching of theory in grammar. Some get a lot out of it and some very little. The other thing that varies greatly is the learning contexts and purposes. Hence, it can be a bit difficult to generalize what is ‘grammar’ since it means so many different things.

Teaching with Explanations

While teaching, you need to explain to students how things in grammar work and are useful. Everything need not be clear and simple though. The course in teaching grammar will help you to design the grammar lessons so that it becomes understandable. The explanations you make needs to be short and to the point. Some points need to be learnt with the inductive ‘discovery’ approach.

More and More Examples

Procedures of Teaching Grammar For Newly Appointed Teachers
Procedures of Teaching Grammar For Newly Appointed Teachers

The more the examples are, the more are your students be able to learn grammar. It is necessary to include standard examples along with explanations so that students can understand what you are teaching. You have to choose authentic material in your curriculum such as cartoons, songs, poems, etc that are fun and make learning more enriched. These examples also help learners to remember what they have learned.

Teaching with Exercises

Any lesson will come with homework and grammar is one area where exercises are most important. There are various types of mechanical exercises such as fill in the blanks, sentence transformation, sentence corrections, etc. In the course in teaching grammar , you will learn how to prepare for exercises. As a teacher, you need to include structure-oriented problem-solving activities and quizzes, picture-based work, games, role-play, and text-based exercises that get students using the structure to talk about themselves and their ideas. The exercises should be combined with vocabulary learning and activities related to internet-exploration.

Teaching with Course Materials

You need to teach the course with the proper materials so that your students are able to learn the key points. You will teach the methods of practicing grammar in your classroom with collaboration and group work.

You need to tell your students to use grammar spontaneously. There have to be some period of grammar exercises in classrooms every day. Moreover, regular assessments help your students to understand their weaker areas and improve over time. In the course in teaching grammar, you will learn the methods of taking assessments in a healthy manner.

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